Sanjay Kakade Group

SKG Imperia - Baner, Pune

The SKG was looking to launch its most luxurious real estate project till date in the upcoming area of Baner, Pune. 32 exclusive duplex apartments, spread across an area of 5,000 sq ft each were to be marketed, creating an instant impact of class and luxury. The sole aim was to make people aspire to a new level of luxury never experienced before in Pune.

Was not only to position SKG Imperia as a super luxurious project with exclusive amenities for the discerning few, but also to project SKG as a developer with a vision for the future.

Thus came into being - Imperia with the tag line - ‘Rise Up To Luxury’.
A top-of-the-line, leather cased brochure and a subtly designed hoarding was instrumental in projecting Imperia as the new standard of luxury for the others to follow.

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