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Goldcrest Dreams - UAE

With the launch of iconic real estate projects like the Palm, Dubai had firmly established its mark worldwide as the next real estate investment hotspot. Ajman was the second emirate of the UAE which opened its doors to freehold property development, while Dubai was positioned as the up market destination, the Ajman real estate development didn't take off even though prices were of those in Dubai.

Was not just to position dreams as the common man's 'dream' but also convince and sell Ajman as the place to call home.

Goldcrest Dreams was launched and sold @ Dhs 275 per square foot and was a resounding success which eventually lead to the entire Ajman Real Estate Market having an unprecedented boom which saw the Dreams campaign lead to Dreams 2, 3 and 4. The total Goldcrest Dreams projects encompass 11 towers with more that 4,000 apartments which were sold out.

Developers in Ajman were struggling to sell apartments @ Dhs 180 per square foot, the success and contribution of the Goldcrest Dreams campaign can only be judged from the fact that Dreams 3 was sold
@ Dhs 550 per square foot.

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