Birla Century

Corporate Profile and Film

Birla Century, part of the multi-billion dollar BK Birla Group was looking to showcase its infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities and product line. The company is synonymous with quality and trust in the world of textiles and has been for over a century. The corporate profile needed to make a statement about Birla Century as a brand that has kept with the times; a brand that is a pioneer in the field.

Showcase the most modern vertically integrated textile plant spread over 100 acres in the sub-continent with an investment of US 2 million; and highlight the product line, innovations and design in a contemporary lifestyle perspective to the target audience.

With the tag line - 'Excellence in Textiles for Over a Century', the corporate profile and film brought out brilliantly the infrastructure and product line. The final result was a strong communication tool that impresses upon the reader the sheer size of the company, variety of its products and enviable position in the textile market. The profile was well received by the client, their associates and partners in growth.

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